What is a Diaper Cake?

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May 27, 2011

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Baby diapers

A diaper cake is a cute, delightful, useful and ideal gift for an expectant or new mother. You can make a diaper cake using disposable or cloth diapers rolled and stacked together to look like a traditional one, two, three or more tiered cake. Read to understand what a diaper cake is, how to make it and what’s making them so popular!


What is a Diaper Cake?


A diaper cake is a different and attractive kind of gift for a new or expecting mother. It has diapers which are needed in dozens for the little new baby and other baby care items such as bibs, pacifiers, baby socks, bottles, toys, and more.


How to make a Diaper Cake


Collect the different useful goodies that you want to give. Roll several diapers individually and tie them together with a narrow satin ribbon. To make it neat and attractive, cut the ribbons in 50 pieces of 1 foot each and keep a long piece of the ribbon for the final assembly. Another simple way is to use rubber bands instead of ribbons to hold the rolled diapers in place. You can make a three tiered cake using 6, 15 and 28 rolled and tied diapers and arranging them in the shape of a cake. In the centre of the structure, place a baby bottle instead of diapers. You can fill the baby bottle with small useful baby articles such as attractive safety pins, pacifiers, and booties. Small useful baby articles can be hidden inside the diaper as well. To make the cake steady and strong, tie a 1 inch ribbon around each tier. A wide ribbon not only makes the cake steady but pretty as well. Use repositionable tape to hold the first tier on the cake board. Similarly use repositionable tape to hold the second and third tier in place. Decorate the cake using baby necessities such as soft toys, bath items, creams or ribbons, flowers, coupons, and cards.


Why are Diaper Cakes becoming Popular?


Diaper cakes are becoming popular because they are different and creative gifts with a personalised touch. Besides being attractive, a diaper cake is full of useful items for the new baby.


Diaper cake is a wonderful gift for the new baby and the mother at the hospital. All that is needed to make a diaper cake is different kinds of items required for newborn care, a bit of free time on your hands and the will to do something different. You will be surprised when you start making it; as it is easy to make and you will be full of ideas to make it more interesting and attractive.


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