What is Bietti's crystalline dystrophy?

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Dec 26, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Bietti’s crystalline dystrophy is an eye disorder.
  • Fatty compunds accumulate in the light sensitive tissue of the back of the eyes.
  • Bietti's crystalline dystrophy is an inherited disorder.
  • There is no treatment available for biett’s crystalline dyrstrophy.

Bietti’s crystalline dystrophy is a disorder in which there is deposition of yellow and white crystals of fatty compounds in the light sensitive tissue of the back of the eyes. These depositions of fatty compounds cause severe damages to the retina resulting in progressive vision loss.



Bietti's crystalline dystrophy is an inherited disorder which occurs in an autosomal recessive manner. In Autisomal recessive fashion, the affected person gets one non working gene from his or his parents while the one who receives a nonworking gene from only parent will not develop this disease.


Some of the common signs and symptoms of BCD include:

  • Crystals in the cornea
  • Yellow, shiny deposits on the retina
  • Progressive atrophy of the retina
  • Choriocapillaries
  • Black layers on the Eyes

problems in eyes

If not treated on time progressive night blindness and visual field constriction can also occur. BCD is a rare disease and is more common in people with Asian ancestry.
People with this disorder have crystals in some of their white blood cells that can be seen by using an electron microscope. Researchers have been unable to determine exactly what substance makes up these crystalline deposits. Their presence does not appear to harm the patient in any other way except to affect vision.


There is no treatment available for biett’s crystalline dyrstrophy .However, Scientists hope that findings from gene research will be helpful in finding treatments for this disorder.

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