What are the best ways to get your baby to sleep in its crib?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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A common problem of parents with young children is to get their baby to sleep in his crib or cot. Some simple steps that will help you reclaim your bed and give baby his/her own sleeping space are:

  • Have a scheduled bedtime, and start preparing for it before actually putting your baby in the crib like change his clothes or sing a lullaby.
  • Make the baby’s crib comfortable to give a sense of security.
  • If your child responds well to music then you can as well play soft and soothing music
  • Make the crib a fun place so that your child can play there in the day time with his favourite toys. Do not let your baby associate crib with sleeping separately.
  • Encourage your baby to fall asleep independently in the crib rather than lying down next to him and putting him to sleep. This way even if your baby gets up in the middle of the night he can soothe himself to sleep again.
  • Put your baby in the crib, kiss good night, give a hug and leave the room. Initially your baby may whimper and cry but doing the same daily will make him/her clear that he/she sleeps in the crib.
  • Reassure your baby that he is safe and that you are in the next room and will be with him or her if needed.



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