What is Allergy?

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Dec 29, 2012

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What is Allergy

The word “allergy” is used to explain a response, in the body, to a material or a substance(s), which is not essentially dangerous in itself, but results in an immune reaction which in turn causes symptoms and disease of allergy.


An allergy can be anything and everything from a runny nose, prickly eyes to a skin rash. It heightens the sense of smell, sight, tastes and touch leading to irritation, tremendous disability and at times fatality.

Allergies are the consequence of your immune system's response to outside substances that are more often than not considered nontoxic such as dust, pollen and food items.

On the face of it, allergy often appears as a benign condition, such as hay fever during the pollen season. As a matter of fact, many people slowly but surely build up a sensitive condition over many years before undergoing any symptoms whatsoever.


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