West Bengal is Suffering from Dearth of Entomologists

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Aug 11, 2014

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Dearth of Entomologists in West BengalThe science of studying insects is what we call entomology, and at first glance it may seem to be least important. But the truth is that human existence is not selfish, and everything and every being around us have an effect on our lives.

Insects for example, are very important to us, because it is through them that we can contrive many diseases. The medical world has good understanding of malaria because we have done enough studies on mosquitoes. At a time when Encephalitis which is caused by mosquito, tick and other insect bites is claiming lives in the state of West Bengal, reports are saying that the state is suffering from a dearth of entomologists. This has also come at a time when the monsoons clouds are looming over the West Bengal sky and the rains will bring about with it many insect borne diseases, especially malaria.

The astonishing news is that West Bengal has had no recruitment of entomologists in the health service facilities for the last 15 years.

Moloy De, who is the Health Secretary of the state has said in a statement, “I can't tell the reason. But this is a fact.”

The study of entomology is very important because insects are useful animals that need to be held with regard. They are so multitudinous and have very independent characteristics, with diverse lifestyles playing important roles in the eco system. Moreover, the advent of new species is very useful when it comes to the basic researches in ecology, genetics, physiology and also molecular biology.  

The death toll in West Bengal caused by Encephalitis currently stands at 210 since January this year. During this time of crisis it is very important the Entomologists research more in order to find a possible solution to end this menace.

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