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Feb 23, 2014
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Quick Bites

  • If you are not motivated, you will be where you are!
  • Visualise the new slimmer you - imagine how you will look.
  • Remind yourself of the reasons why you wish to lose weight.
  • Set rewards for milestones (short-term goals).


When it comes to weight loss, we want quick results. There is impatience of seeing results. All you want to see in weighing scale show you a number you want to see. And if you don’t, it is frustrating and often, an end of the programme.

weight loss tips

Motivation is key to any weight loss plan. If you are not motivated, you will be where you are! Here’s how to stay motivated for weight loss and see the weighing scale go down gradually.

Think of the transformed you

Imagine what you will be like! When you do that, you’ll get a confidence boost.


Think of the many benefits

When you will lose weight you will benefit in many ways – more energy, blood pressure control, less breathing troubles, overall health boost, improved life expectancy, social acceptance, and many more. With all those positives, you will be positive about losing weight.

Plan in advance

Visualize the next step after weight loss objective. What are you going to do next, what kind of clothes will you be wearing. The planning will give you strength!


Face yourself in mirror

Face yourself in mirror to get an idea of the work that needs to be done. Your own criticism can be the driving force to get you going.


Write why, what and hows

If you don’t feel like working out, continuing with the plan or gave in to cravings once, make a note. Also write down why you didn’t do it or what made you to goof up. This will help your problems for sure.


Reward yourself

Rewards are motivators! When there is a reward, you will work towards it. Set short-term goals and rewards when get there. Treat yourself at your success. It will inspire you to get going.


Whenever you feel frustrated and want to give up, remind what losing weight means to you. Do it for yourself, and keep it off.


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