5 Easy to Do Exercises to Lose Weight

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Dec 16, 2011
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Quick Bites

  • Squats and Plank can help you get rid of the flab.
  • Push-ups can help you shed weight quick.
  • You can try alternative techniques such as yoga.
  • You can burn your calories by climbing stairs.


Don’t want to hit the gym or walk in the park or do exhaustive exercises, here are some exercises that will help you to lose weight and tone your body at home.


easy exercises for weight loss


Plank Exercise

Lay down on the ground so that you are positioned on left, rest on your elbow and keep your legs straight.  You can even try to lift one hand and rest the entire body on the other. 1 to 3 sets of this exercise with 10 to 125 repetitions must be performed.



Stand as if you are sitting on a chair. Make sure your hands and back remains straight. Hold the posture for 30 seconds then come back to original position. Wait for a second and repeat. As you get comfortable, increase the number of repetition.



Lie down on any flat surface in face down position. Put all your body weight on your palms placed tightly on the surface, beside your shoulders. Now start pushing the body up and down gradually. Slowly increase the no. of push ups. Push ups are the most effecting way of burning the body weight. It is best suited for fat stores near the belly area.



Lie down flat on a yoga mat, stretch yourself to the maximum extent and relax. Next, lying flat lift your right arm and your left leg and stretch. Repeat the same with your left arm and right leg. This will help you in firming your butt and legs.


Stair Climbing

You can burn your calories by climbing upstairs and downstairs for eight to ten times a day. In addition to weight loss this is best exercise for legs. You can even invest in stair climber to do this exercise. You could increase the intensity by running up and down the steps for as long as you can.




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  • amrutha06 Apr 2013
    if u show pics with people exercising, it would be easy to follow and understand.
  • dharya singh05 Nov 2012
    nice....it helped me a lot
  • Aradhya25 Oct 2012
    Please show some pictures next to exercises.. It will help to learn easily..
  • Salman29 Sep 2012
    Great exercises:)
  • Piyu27 Sep 2012
    Hi, I am 31 and and I have got a prolapsed disk at L4-L5. This has led me to restrict my movements so as not to further strain my back. I am a working lady and I got married last year. After my back-injury, I have put on around 8 kgs. I am now 55 kg and 155 cm. I seriously want to lose my extra kilos and get my original figure back. But I am not sure about which exercises to pick as I am already got a strained back. I suffer from this back pain quite often. Kindly suggest how to burn my fats.
  • Kaneez Qutija Soofi21 May 2012
    useful Tips in daily life thanks