Weight Loss Exercises for Men

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Aug 03, 2011

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If you are one of those men who are disillusioned about losing weight because all their attempts have been in vain, it is probably because you could not motivate yourself enough. Clear thinking on the benefits of weight loss will give you better focus and drive. It could be health, self-esteem, desire to look attractive and even future savings. There are some very good weight loss exercises for men at home which will make your task easier.

As weight loss means better health and saving yourself from health insurance and treatment costs. Look at it like investing time for your future well being, much the same as you invest your money.


Weight Loss Exercise Tips for Men

  • Aerobics and weight training are two basic exercises for weight loss. You should start with a 5 minute warm up before trying any of the exercises. Running, biking, swimming, basketball, tennis and sports such as soccer are all forms of aerobic exercises as they help to increase the metabolism. Do them two to four times a week. Use simple weight-lifting tools such as dumb bells and try to make as many repetitions as possible. Guard against burning out with a fatigue at the end of your session. Your strength will build up gradually. Three times continuously with one day of rest is recommended for lifting light weights.
  • You can also join a gym to perform some cardio with machines such as treadmill or elliptical. The advantage of cardio workouts is that you lose weight evenly throughout your body. It is important that you continue with whatever exercise you choose for at least half an hour to have good results.
  • Include some strength training exercises in your workouts such as bench press, military press, lunges, squats, calf raises and pull ups. Include at least 5 of these exercises in your schedule. 1 set of them should include 10 repetitions and you should ideally perform 2 to 3 sets. Rest for not more than 5 minutes before moving from one exercise to the other. These are some weight loss exercises for men at home.
  • Schedule your workouts alternatively. Men often fall prey to boredom in their workouts. To avoid that, you can perform some weight loss exercises at home one day and hit the gym another day. You should also choose some days for high intensity workouts and other days for low intensity mild exercises. This will help you in keeping yourself motivated for going the whole distance with your plan.


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