Ways to Improve Intimacy with Your Husband

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Mar 17, 2012

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Ways to Improve Intimacy with Your HusbandAre you wondering how to spice up your married life and make it more enjoyable for you as well as your husband? Here are ways you can  improve intimacy with your husband.


What about a Date?

A romantic date after some years of marriage seems impractical or unthinkable, but planning one can surely improve your intimacy with your husband. After some years of being together, a couple reaches "the comfort zone" where the relationship may feel more like a friendship. To prevent the loss of love and spark from your relationship, ask your husband for a super romantic date. Another honeymoon minus children can also be a good idea.


Some Romantic Surprises

Usually, men are expected to give surprises in a relationship, but if you want to be a little different and surprise your husband, plan something he cannot expect. Your romantic gestures such as leaving small notes for him when you are not at home, texting him in the office to simply say ‘I love you’ or decorating your bedroom can bring back love in your relationship.  Holding his hand while you are shopping, on a morning or evening walk or giving him quick kisses will surely add romance to your relationship.  Cooking together can also be a romantic gesture.


Improve your Sex Life

A marriage without sex is hard to sustain. As the marriage starts getting older, sex and intimacy seem like a thing of the past. Having sex with your partner is neither a responsibility nor an obligation. Sex adds passion to your marriage and freshens up the lost spark. Be sexy and seductive and charm your husband with new grace. Stop waiting for your husband to initiate the things and surprise him with your seductive mood. The more you cuddle with your husband the more he will be aroused. A body massage with little naughtiness or stripping can make your husband go mad for you. A new sex position may also help you.  It is easy to be sexy and seductive, but you must know the tricks!


Show Respect

Marriage does not mean that you or your partner needs to stick around each other all the time. Controlling household does not include controlling husband. Give him his personal space and do not poke your nose in everything he does. If he enjoys occasional meetings with his friends, do not poke him to take you along. Do not expect or force him to report every minute details of his day. This makes you dominating and dictating. Asking or checking up on his female friends shows that you do not have faith on your partner. Compliment him  on his choices, but do not press overtly on his mistakes instead, calmly listen to his worries or confessions.

With so many other things happening in your life, maintaining the love and respect in your marriage may be hard, but the aforementioned points can assist you in impressing your husband by refreshing the bond you share with  him.

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