Ways how your Relationship Affects your Sex Life

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Jan 16, 2012

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Ways how your relationship affects your sex life

It is futile to expect a good sex life without a relationship that has a strong bond of openness and honesty besides romance. This is because there is more to sex than the physical intercourse. You experience a deep intimate feeling with the person you have sex and your emotional bonding has a direct influence on this sentiment.

Relationship factors that influence sex life


  • Intimacy and romance – A successful relationship is built around intimacy, that is the trust and reassurance that you have for a person. Lack of faith or affection for your partner does not lend itself well to a long lasting and fruitful relationship. Trust should be a given and romance could be worked upon. If you are not reassured about having a relationship with your partner, it can be worked upon too but might be somewhat difficult.
  • Lack of communication – You should be open enough with your partner to request for doing a few things in bed, and even to stop things your partner does that irritate you. You need to build trust and intimacy through conversation. Couples should be able to judge the mood of their partner, and also what they want best given their present state of mind. Having completely fulfilling sex can result only in a great relationship.
  • Different levels of sex drive – Quite often, it is seen that the partners are not compatible with their sexual desires. One of them would like to have more sex while the other is content with lesser. It leads to arguments and resentment between them. An understanding and empathy for the other’s emotional needs is necessary for this to work out well.
  • Monotony – It is often the case between doting couples that they find the spark between them fizzing out just because of sheer monotony in their sex life. This is the real test which every relationship goes through. You need to maintain intimacy through conversation and try to reassure and encourage each other to find a solution, even if it warrants professional help.
  • Sexless relationships – Although the great majority of people would want a sexual relationship with the person they love most, a few prefer not to. Besides, often partners grow weary of sex with each other but still cannot even contemplate parting ways. Ask yourself whether an intimate relationship is possible with your partner without sex, and whether he or she feels the same. Being intimate with your partner is more important than being good in bed, any day!


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