10 Ways to Get More Sex

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May 29, 2012

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10 Ways to Get More Sex

Everybody wants to be the best sex partner to his/her spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend or even a random date, but to be that, one has to take charge of certain aspects of good sex.  To be a good sex partner not only gives one the pleasure of being one but also the pleasure of getting more sex. Here are 10 ways you can get more sex.

Confidence is God

It is important to be confident with whatever moves you make irrespective of whether you are doing it for the first time or are a pro. Confidence always ensures that you have a better say in bed. What counts, however, is the fact that you know what you are doing.


Stick with One Position

Well, not really. Stick with one position only if that one is what is driving your partner crazy or one that you have observed to have struck a fine tune with most of the women you have slept with, but to be a judge of that you must make sure that you have slept with enough women.


Men are more Self-Conscious

That one is to raise a green flag at all women, who have a body image problem. If you ask a crowd of men and women to strip naked, women would be more delighted to do that than men. It is the same in bed. Although, he may seem very confident about his brawny musculature, he shuts his eyes with embarrassment when you unzip him and shrugs or looks at your hands to know whether what you are looking at is not as bad as he thinks.

Be sure of the Signals the Girl Gives

This may not help you have more sex, but will surely save you more time to find a prospective partner in bed. If a girl tells you that she will come up to your room to meet you, do not sit back on your couch naked waiting for her because she may never drop in. To be successful at knowing whether a woman means what she says is to be with more than one in number and one in type.


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  • dany03 Jun 2012

    hi,this is dany 24 years and my girl frnd is 22 we have sex twice in a week.my girl frnd loves different position that i coul'nt perform. we both watch porm more so she suggest me do those stuff. but am ok in single position that is "am in the top".when the climax take place she remove my penies so i want get much satisfaction .and even my sporms are less. and after sex i "ll get more sleep and i will tried and we both sufer from tie pain so, plz reply me though mail

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