Ways to End a Relationship on Good Terms

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May 10, 2011

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Most of us have been down this road. In this day and age when managing a relationship seems more like a life threatening issue, we have all asked ourselves; what is the right way to end a relationship on good terms? Honestly, there cannot be a specific answer to this. All relationships are unique and if you think you will find a definite answer; then you are in the wrong. The best way to end a relationship on good terms is look at your relationship closely, and scrutinise what is and has been going wrong.


Sit Down and Talk

So you have decided that this is not working out. What about your partner? Does s/he reciprocate? Has s/he seen that things are in fact falling apart? You need to find answers. And the best way is to be completely honest with your partner and talk it out. We know. It will be difficult to just sit down calmly and discuss and rationalise. But you need to take the first step. You need to make your loved one understand that you cannot fool yourself and them by continuing with something that your heart does not agree to.

Patronising and Blaming won’t get You Far

Please stay away from clichéd lines such as, ‘It is not you, it is me’. They might sound convincing in chick flicks but in your case it might just irk your partner to the point of no return. Do not try and take the upper hand in the break up. It has to be mutual. If you think that your partner is to be blamed for the break up, do not put across your point of view by blaming her/him. Blame games will not work. They will only lead to fights and an ugly break up. Both of you have to realise that something in the relationship is broken and that it is in the interest of the two of you that the relationship be called off.


Every Break up is Unique

Analyse your relationship. Just because your best friend ended her relationship on facebook does not mean that you can do the same. The ways of ending a relationship on good terms depends on the duration of the relationship too. In case you have been in a long term relationship or live in relationship or a long distance relationship, how to proceed with ending the relationship will differ. Ending long term relationships cause a lot of pain to both parties involved. You need to be completely honest and give each other time.

Don’t Jump their Bones

You want to breakup, so you should break the news and not your friend. Ending a relationship on good terms depends on the fact that you were brave enough to identify the problem. It will make your partner respect your decision. Also do not bring in friends when ending a relationship. It should be between the two of you and you should not let anyone take your decisions for you.
Ending a relationship is a very sensitive case. It causes heartbreak and sometimes two people who had been in love, even refuse to see each other’s face. However, one needs to be strong. Mutual respect and decision making are the best ways to end a relationship on good terms.


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