Walnuts May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

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Nov 29, 2011

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Lower breast cancer riskBreast cancer happens to be the most common form of malignant cancer that women suffer from across the globe. In fact, almost one third of the total cases of cancer detections in females amount to breast cancer alone. Regular research is being carried out to unearth information that can help in combating this deadly disease. A landmark study carried out by the Marshall University School of Medicine in 2009 has stated that walnuts may lower breast cancer risk considerably if consumed on a daily basis.


Walnuts May Lower Breast Cancer Risk and Other Diseases

  • Walnuts may lower breast cancer risk, principally, by restricting the growth of tumours that are commonly associated with the disease. When tested on mice, a daily regular serving of walnuts reportedly reduced the incidence of breast cancer tumours by 50%; the incidence of tumours was deferred by almost 3 weeks. When the same results are predicted in a human life cycle, there may be a delay of almost 9 years in developing tumours.
  • Walnuts are not considered effective for battling breast cancer in females alone. Males consuming walnuts on a daily basis can actually keep prostate cancer at bay as well. For those who are already affected with prostate cancer, regular walnut consumption should help in slowing down the progress of the disease.
  • Walnuts are highly rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. In fact, they contain the highest percentage of antioxidants compared to all other nuts in raw form. They also contain compounds called phytosterols. These phytosterols are responsible for binding estrogen receptors. Since estrogen is considered to be the hormone primarily responsible for fuelling the growth of breast tumours, this oestrogen receptor binding process is able to control the growth of tumours. In fact, regular walnut consumption has been associated with changes in the genetic structure, which has been considered responsible for thwarting the development of breast cancer.
  • Apart from the fact that walnuts possess cancer preventing properties, which can benefit males and females, they are also considered effective in managing cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes. Therefore, associated health complications can also be effectively controlled by including walnuts in your daily diet.

Although, the finding that walnuts may lower breast cancer risk considerably has proved to be a source of immense relief, oncologists are still sceptical in certain cases. Considering the fact that walnuts are, in general, good for health, there is no harm in taking a leap of faith.



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