Visit a spa and pamper yourself this festive season

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Nov 16, 2010

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spaNowadays spas are introducing new techniques and packages to give the ladies a refreshing look that they always aspire for. So don't miss this special opportunity in this festive season to rejuvenate yourself and surprise your friends and relatives. So try some special services and bowl them over.


Kairali Health Spa: Kairali follows ancient approach, therapeutic methodology that encompasses non-invasive herbal infusion and Abhyangam (massage) therapies. Abhangyam is a special herbal massage which involves rejuvenation of the body and maintains the physique as well.  Also, the spa has many techniques like pizhichil, elakizhi that is purely herbal and helps in blood circulation.


"Women need to look special and beautiful. It's very important to be more precise as per your skin requirements and choose the best option for you. Taking care of your skin and body is very important," says Nimisha Bakshi, a skin consultant. Kaya skin clinic: Kaya offers a wide variety of treatments that you can choose from.  There is skin polishing and brightening. Then there is a treatment called Meso Glow, "It is a process in which the skin is cleansed to prepare it for the therapy. Then vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants that are responsible for glowing skin are infused into the skin through microinjections. A vitamin C mask is applied for additional benefits and radiance. After a few minutes, the left-over nutrients are wiped off the face and a moisturiser is applied," said a beautician from Kaya.


"Festive season is a time when people arrange get togethers and ladies want to look their best. Various spas and salons are providing the facility of herbal and ayurvedic treatments that make them look beautiful and rejuvenated not-withstanding their age and looks,” says Himani Ahuja, a homemaker.



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