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  • Prognosis of Vaginitis

    Prognosis of Vaginitis

    Vaginitis can be a result an infection by certain organisms such as bacteria, yeast or viruses or irritation and inflammation (due to chemicals in creams, sprays or even clothing) that come in contact with the vaginal area. Prognosis of most common types of vaginitis is good. Most people respond well to appropriate treatment.

  • Vaginitis: When to look for medical advice

    Vaginitis: When to look for medical advice

    Vaginitis can be caused because of several different factors. Consult your doctor if you have symptoms suggestive of vaginitis.

  • Treatment Options for Vaginitis

    Treatment Options for Vaginitis

    Vaginitis can be caused due to several different factors and therefore, the key to successful treatment is proper diagnosis.

  • Symptoms of Vaginitis

    Symptoms of Vaginitis

    Symptoms of vaginitis vary depending on the underlying cause (infection or inflammation) in the patient.

  • Diagnosis of Vaginitis

    Diagnosis of Vaginitis

    To diagnose the cause of vaginitis, your doctor will take a detailed medical history, do gynaecologic exam and recommend tests as needed.

  • Tips to prevent Vaginitis

    Tips to prevent Vaginitis

    Some measures that may decrease your chances of getting vaginitis include wearing comfortable clothes made of cotton, avoiding tight clothes and clothes made of synthetic fabric; avoiding use of  scented soaps, coloured or perfumed toilet paper, scented tampons, panty liners; maintaining appropriate hygiene; avoiding excessive vaginal douching; and practicing safe sex.

  • Expected duration of Vaginitis

    Expected duration of Vaginitis

    Vaginitis can be caused due to several factors. Duration of your symptoms depends on the cause of vaginitis and efficacy of treatment. Most types of vaginitis respond well to treatment in a few days.

  • What is Vaginitis?

    What is Vaginitis?

    Vaginitis is a common condition in women, which can be caused due to several different factors. Severity of symptoms may vary from mild to severe and some women may have no symptoms at all. Key to successful treatment of vaginitis is proper diagnosis and most women respond well to treatment.

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