Vaccination and Children

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jan 30, 2013

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Talk to your kid before giving injection


A 4 year old is always worried on a doctor’s visit about getting a shot. A child who is aware that he or she is going to get an injection is better than ones who get no warning. You should warn them about the shot but not so much in advance that they worry for too long. You can mention about the injection probably on the way to the doctor’s clinic. If your child asks if the injection will hurt, tell that it will hurt but only for a second or two.


Refrain from giving too much sympathy


Don’t give too much sympathy, or behave too coldhearted after a shot. According to studies, children whose parents have a matter-of-fact approach do better after an injection. Even you should have a level headed approach and should not get upset after a shot. If your child needs multiple vaccines at a time consider giving them at the same visit. You can use a distraction technique to keep your child's mind off the shot by talking about a favourite toy, going to the park and so on.



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