Use Visualization Technique to Heal Physically and Emotionally

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Dec 01, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Visualization can help overcome barriers.
  • Imagining positive pictures can heal the body.
  • The procedure begins with relaxation.
  • The results depend on severity of ailment.

There are many people in this world who have been suffering from ailments for years so much that even taking medication has been of no help. If you look around you may find one or more of them complaining about a degrading back pain. There can also be thick chances that you yourself are taking medications for a health problem since forever, though improvement remains a distant dream.

These are some conditions that give birth to the need for a visualization therapy that can treat you physically as well as emotionally.

Visualization Therapy for Healing

What is Visualization?

Visualization, which is also called guided imagery or creative visualization, is a method in which a person is made to focus the imagination on behaviours or events which they would like to have occur in their lives. Create a detailed plan of what you desire and then keep visualizing it over and over, making use of all your senses. Using your senses will help you answer questions like, what do you see? How does it feel? What do you hear? and how does it smell?

This technique is based on the belief that mind and body are connected and when you create positive pictures in your imagination, your emotions undergo a positive change which in turn have a positive effects on the body.

There have been several studies that suggest the advantages of visualization, mostly in combination with other for treating conditions like asthma, anxiety, insomnia and fibromyalgia.

How can Visualization be Used?

In many cases, visualization has been an effective tool to fight obstacles, relieve stress and chronic pain and to heal up emotionally and physically. Sometimes visualization can be used to reach goals like losing weight or quitting smoking. The therapy is put to use by athletes to perform better, by therapists to help patients heal from trauma and by experts to conduct visualization seminars to help people realize their dreams.

What can you Expect from Visualization Therapy?

Usually, the first step to begin with visualization therapy is relaxation which is followed by summoning up a metal image. The time taken to see the results of the technique depends largely on the severity of the health condition and your determination.

Visualization Therapy for Healing

Get Started Now

You will come across numerous visualization and meditation CDs that can help you performing general visualization exercises. There are several other that aim at dealing with specific problems like fertility, headaches and depression. You can also follow these 3 steps to get started now.

1.    Start breathing gently
2.    Relax all your muscles
3.    Use all your five senses to integrate yourself into the visual imagery

Get started with the therapy now to see the miraculous effects on your healing process.

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