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Use of Mercury in Measuring Devices to be Banned, says WHO

By  , WHO
Oct 17, 2013
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  • An initiative by WHO will have mercury banned by the year 2020.
  • The initiative has been launched to mark the signing of the Minamata Convention.
  • A global health concern is attached to mercury and its various compounds.
  • Mercuty has health impacts that include brain and neurological damage.


ban on mercuryThe familiar mercury that has been rising and falling to the tune of your body temperature could soon be history. World Health Organisation along with Health Care without Harm has launched an initiative that will have mercury removed from all medical measuring devices by the year 2020.

This initiative which is called Mercury-Free Healthcare by 2020 has been launched to mark the signing of the Minamata Convention on Mercury. It calls for ending the manufacture, import and export of such devices that contain mercury, and to support the deployment of more accurate, affordable and safer non-mercury alternatives.

There is a global health concern attached to mercury and its various compounds, and have a range of serious health impacts that include brain and neurological damage, which is most prominently found in the young people. Some other health concerns include kidney damage, and damage to the digestive system.

While the Minamata Convention allows countries to use mercury in medical devices until 2030, the new initiative by WHO and non-governmental organisatoon Health Care without Harm is striving to meet this target by 2020.

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