Use Fake Frozen Peas as Pain Reliever

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May 20, 2013

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Use Fake Frozen Peas as Pain Reliever

A new research has been conducted to create an innovative medical product named Frozenpeaz. It works as a bag of frozen peas, as an age-old remedy for sore joints and bruises. This product comes in sealed packs containing small balls of solidified corn syrup, colored pea-green that looks just like the edible peas and offers the same benefits. It can be refrozen and re-used to sooth aches and pains in knees, shoulders and faces. The best thing about Frozenpeaz is that they conform to the shape of the joint no matter how many times they are frozen.

At least four hours is needed to freeze the Frozenpeaz completely and the maximum recommended time for the cold therapy session is twenty minutes.  The cold compress of Frozenpeaz can numb pain as well as reduces swelling by contracting the blood vessels. These can also be used to treat injuries.

This same medical product can be used to offer heat therapy by putting the pack into a microwave, and treating chronic joint pain.  This will relax the sore muscles and increase the range of motion in a painful joint.

According to Jane Tadman of Arthritis Research UK , this product can be useful for providing hot and cold treatments to ease the pain of arthritis in the short term, but they are quite expensive than a pack of peas.

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