Urine test during Pregnancy

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Dec 20, 2011

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A urine test is conducted by doctors during the prenatal stages. It is a routine test and used during the screening of the pregnancy. The first urine sample that you provide to your doctor will be used to check for “culture and sensitivity”, basically performed to check for any urinary tract infection that can be harmful for you and your baby. Checking UTI during pregnancy is crucial as it will indicate the intensity of antibiotics to be prescribed to you.

How is a urine test performed?

The doctor will tell you to give a urine sample in a sterilised plastic bottle. Chemical strips will be inserted into the urine sample to screen indicators. Post this an in depth testing will be conducted by the laboratory to rule out possibilities of infections.

When should a urine test be taken?

You should expect to undergo a urine test during your first prenatal examination.  This will be extended to conducting it periodically for your subsequent checkups. Usually doctors monitor the urine sample with every visit.

Why do you need to undergo a urine test?

After every routine pregnancy test, the doctor will do a dipstick tests on your urine sample and check for the following:


During your pregnancy your sugar levels may fluctuate owing to a change in hormone levels.  But if you have elevated levels of blood sugar levels over a continuous row of prenatal visits, you may have gestational diabetes.  Gestational diabetes in diagnosed by conducting a glucose challenge test. This test will be performed 24 to 28 weeks into pregnancy.


A heightened level of proteins in your urine may lead to a UTI or kidney damage that may infect your infant. If an increase in protein level is accompanied by high blood pressure it may result in preeclampsia.


Your body produces Ketones when it starts breaking down fat molecules or energy stored in the body. This situation usually occurs when your body is devoid of carbohydrates. It is indicative of the fact that you need to consume high energy food and have a balanced diet to sustain the health of you and your child.


The presence of bacteria in your urine may indicate that you have a high probability of contracting urinary tract infection which is produced by nitres and bacteria in your body. A dipstick will be conducted to depict if there are any infection provoking enzymes in your body.

What does a urine test reveal?

  • You would be tested for gestational diabetes if you feel lethargic and continuously thirsty.
  • Preeclampsia will be examined if a consistent increase in the blood sugar level is detected, you have high blood pressure and swelling in the hands.
  • A ketone test will indicate if you are dehydrated or need to consume high energy food items.
  • Bacteria test will check for any sign of urinary tract infection.


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