Unprotected Sex Cause of Concern

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Jan 14, 2013

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unprotected sexYoung girls going for unprotected sex is quite an important topic in today’s era of Westernisation of the Indian Society. Having unprotected sex can be catastrophic and can lead to numerous gynecological and health related problems, which I would like to discuss in detail.


As mentioned earlier, unprotected sex in young school and college girls can lead to various problems later on in life. 


At Rockland Hospital, we have observed that unmarried girls and some married women consult us for various ailments which are results of unprotected sex.


As a part of the initial examination procedure  when we ask questions about the past history of these patients we found out that some of them had been subjected to some sort of sexual contact during their school / college days.


When we examined a few patients we found out that due to their unawareness and carelessness they were exposed to a few gynecological related problems such as like pelvis inflammatory disease that can cause menorraghia (excessive bleeding), backache, painful periods, anaemia leading to various other problems in some of these cases may have repeated abortions or even infertility.


I would like to take this liberty and advice today’s young girls that once they reach the age of puberty hey must take professional opinion of a gynaecologist in strict confidence before subjecting themselves to any sexual exposure.  I understand that this may sound embarrassing to most young girls, who are exploring their sexuality but it is extremely important to understand the reproductions and problems related to unsafe sexual intercourse and as a doctor it is my duty to educate today’s young generation.



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