understand pancreatic cancer

understand pancreatic cancer

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Understand Pancreatic Cancer
  • Expected duration of Pancreatic Cancer

    Expected duration of Pancreatic Cancer

    Pancreatic cancer grows and spreads rapidly and is diagnosed in the early stages in very few cases. Overall, the five year survival rate of pancreatic cancer is very low. In early stages when the cancer is localised to pancreas, the 5 year survival rate is about 16%, which decreases to about 2% in patients with metastatic cancer. Survival rate of recurrent pancreatic cancer is poor and the overall survival duration is a few months.

  • What is Pancreatic Cancer?

    What is Pancreatic Cancer?

    Pancreas has two important functions namely, secreting insulin and making enzymes that help to break down and digest proteins. Insulin is an important hormone that helps to regulate blood sugar level.  The enzymes secreted by the pancreas break the proteins into smaller parts so that they can be digested and absorbed from the intestine into blood and used for energy.

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