understand kidney failure

understand kidney failure

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Understand Kidney Failure
  • Kidney Failure: When to seek medical help?

    Kidney Failure: When to seek medical help?

    Consult a doctor if you have any symptom suggestive of kidney disease. People at a risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) should go for regular screening so that kidney disease can be diagnosed.

  • Expected Duration of Kidney Failure

    Expected Duration of Kidney Failure

    Duration of kidney failure is influenced by the underlying cause. Many cases with acute renal failure improve with renal supportive treatment and by controlling or stopping the underlying cause such as stopping the medication or reversing whatever caused the situation. Chronic kidney failure is a lifelong problem that worsens gradually over months or years and can progresses to end-stage kidney failure that requires kidney dialysis or kidney transplant.

  • What is Kidney Failure?

    What is Kidney Failure?

    Kidney failure can be acute kidney failure or chronic kidney failure. Some symptoms suggestive of kidney failure include decrease of urine output, swelling (edema) of ankle and feet, high blood pressure and nausea and vomiting. Treatment of kidney failure depends on the cause, severity of problem and associated complications. Dialysis or kidney transplant is needed for end-stage kidney disease.

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