understand glaucoma

understand glaucoma

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Understand Glaucoma
  • Glaucoma: When to seek medical help?

    Glaucoma: When to seek medical help?

    Glaucoma is a group of diseases which can cause loss of vision without any warning symptoms. Many a times it is referred to as ‘silent thief of sight’ as in the early stages of the disease it may cause no symptoms but still loss of vision can occur. Consult a doctor if you have any symptoms related to vision or eyes.

  • Expected duration of Glaucoma

    Expected duration of Glaucoma

    There is no cure for most types of glaucoma. Treatment can control symptoms and prevent loss of vision. Surgery for congenital glaucoma can cure the disease and relieve symptoms effectively.

  • Glaucoma: Symptoms & Treatment

    Glaucoma: Symptoms & Treatment

    It is important to detect glaucoma in its initial stages as it is not reversible and cannot be cured, but timely detection can help arrest the disease so that the patient never develops any visual disability.

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