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  • What is Flu?

    What is Flu?

    Flu is a common viral infection, which affects the throat, nose and lungs. Flu is caused because of infection with any of the three types of influenza virus namely, type A, B, or C. Severity of symptoms in flu may vary from mild to severe. Treatment of flu includes symptomatic treatment (such as rest, taking plenty of fluids, fever reducing medicine) and if needed, antiviral drugs.

  • Why Flu Spreads in Winter

    Why Flu Spreads in Winter

    We rarely see flu at any other time of the year. Why is this? - What makes the flu spread more during the cold, winter months than the warm summer ones?

  • Influenza A: Symptoms and Treatment
  • Flu: When to seek medical help?

    Flu: When to seek medical help?

    Flu is a common illness, which causes mild to moderate symptoms in most people for which they don’t need to visit a doctor. If you have severe symptoms, are likely to develop complications or have recurrence of fever and cough after improvement, consult a doctor.

  • How long does Flu last?

    How long does Flu last?

    Symptoms of flu start within 2 - 3 days (ranges from 1 to 7 days) of getting infected. In most cases, the symptoms start to improve in a week or two without long-term complications. The duration of illness may prolong in people with severe infection or some complication because of flu.

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