Unattractive Workers more likely to be Bullied

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Jun 24, 2013

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A recent study conducted at the Michigan State University, unattractive and disagreeable people are at a greater risk of being bullied by their co-workers compared with the attractive ones. Brent Scott, the lead investigator of the study said that a lot of professionals wish to believe that they are mature at work, the situation may just end up like high school in several ways. It is well known that attractive high school students are likely to be more popular and less likely to be bullied, though this study is the only one and first of its kind to identify a link between bullying in the workplace and attractiveness.

For the study, over 114 people who worked at a health care facility in the southeastern U.S. were surveyed. They were asked questions about whether they were bullied or made fun of at work. Some of the examples of bullying at workplace among the employees include:

• spreading false rumours
• shouting or swearing
• pushing or other forms of physical abuse
• tampering with their belongings
• intimidating the employee.

The experts said that the attractiveness of the workers was judged by those who didn’t know them. In comparison with the attractive employees, those who were considered unattractive were even more harshly treated even when factors like age, gender and how long they had worked here were taken into account.

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