Try Teamwork to Lose Weight

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Feb 21, 2012

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Try teamwork to lose weightGetting enrolled in active sports team or being a part of team can help you lose weight. One of the ideal illustrations of teamwork impacting weight loss is competition like ‘The Biggest Loser’, wherein opponents and partners influence one to shed extra pounds.

Subjects of this research, out of which those who lost 5% of the body weight were part of the same team. Among those who awarded role-play credit to other team members lost considerable amount of weight. Persisting with the notion, captains are more likely to lose weight than other team members due to their motivation and engagement level in the contest.

Tricia Leahey, renowned researcher of Miriam Hospital’s Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center, underlines that people around us are most likely shape our healthy and unhealthy behaviours. Losing weight chances are substantial when people around us make an attempt or in a regimen to lose weight, choosing healthy food options. Same applies to the team, if one member does well, it inspire others in the group.

A psychology director at Beaumont Weight Control Center in Royal Oak, Kevin Sloan says that couple working together to lose weight do better than working individually. He highlighted that the credence is more in working in groups. The virtual idea of weight loss works wonders, with social support helping people perform better and achieve more than expectations.

There is another aspect attached to this notion, foremost being ‘not everyone is a team player’. The team dynamics backfires in this case, when someone finds it difficult to adjust with other team members. In another scenario, when someone does not perform up to the mark or expectations, there may arise a point when he is nagged by others in the team.



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