Truths and myths about Homeopathy

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Jan 20, 2011

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Though Homoeopathy comes under alternative medicine, it is a branch of medical science which deals with all kinds of diseases. However, in common perception a lot of myths are associated with Homeopathy. Here they are with the truth about them.


Those who swear by Homeopathic medicine say that it doesn't have any side effect.


Absolutely wrong. Even homoeopathic medicine has side effect but only when wrong medicine is prescribed in higher potency with repeated doses. The side effects are more dangerous than other medicines because the medicine acts on dynamic plane of your body.


Homoeopathic medicines are not useful in emergency it works only in chronic cases


Again it is a myth. As I previously said that it is a complete system and deals with all kinds of diseases. It works like injectable medicine and sometimes even faster than that if the medicine is given in correct doses and potency. Homoeopathy has given results in cases like fever, diarrohea, appendicitis, and coma. And even in emergencies and acute illnesses.


But if suppose someone is suffering from backache or any other type of pain since 10-12 years and undergone many treatments, then in such condition it will definitely take time to be cured.
Homoeopathy treats the individual i.e. if x and y both are suffering from malaria the medicine for them will not be same, treatment depends on the symptoms of the patients because homoeopathy treats the patient not the disease.


Homoeopathic treatments take time


This is a very common myth but it depends on severity of the disease and nature of illness. If disease condition is not acute it will take a very short time, varying from hours to days but if the patient comes with a chronic disease or "n" number of complaints, obviously it will take time.
Homoeopathic treatment has many dietary restrictions.


The definition of disease in homoeopathy is "anything that restricts you". So how can the medicine restrict you? Rather, it makes you free from restrictions. Sometimes the doctor may restrict you from coffee or mentholated chocolates because they may affect medicinal properties.
Lastly, many people take so many drugs for the same disease at the same time like, for acidity they will take antacid, churna, kadha, homoeopathy and so on. Instead of that if they follow one stream they will come to know what will definitely give them relief.



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