Treat Your Kid's Cold or Flu without Medicine

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Apr 04, 2012

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There are many alternative ways to treat your kid’s cold or flu without conventional medicines. The prescribed medicines for cold and flu are usually harsh and cause side effects in the child. Therefore, cold and flu medicines are considered avoidable for children.

Make the atmosphere humid

In cold weather, decrease in humidity causes clogging of nasal openings. Your kid finds it difficult to breath due to closed nasal passage. Add moisture to your kid’s room by using cool humidifier. This will keep his nasal passage moist enabling him to breathe smoothly. This will allow your kid to sleep sound.

Make them drink liquid

Soup, especially chicken soup is considered good during cold or flu. It reduces nasal inflammation, thereby reducing nasal pain. Moreover, make your kid drink lot of water. During cold kids get dehydrated very quickly. Keep them hydrated by giving them soup, warm water or milk.

Use saline sprays or drops

Using saline sprays or drops is the most efficient way to treat your kid’s cold or flu. These saline sprays don’t contain any chemicals or medicines. They are simple salt solution which loosens the thick secretion of the nose, thereby clearing the nasal passage. Your kid feels free to breathe normally. Do not overuse the saline drops as it can cause inflammation and mild bleeding.

Give honey

Honey has anti-bacterial properties. It is a very effective cure for cold and cough. Honey is recommended only for kids above the age of 1 year.


Proper rest

Allow your kid to take proper rest during cold or flu. During rest, the recovery mechanism of the body works better, resulting in faster healing.

Clear the nose

Use a suction bulb to clear your kid’s nose. Squeeze the bulb and put the rubber tip inside the kid’s nose. Slowly release the bulb. This will take out all the secretions from your kid’s nose, thereby clearing the nasal passage. Your child would be able breathe properly after this.

Use a vapour massage

A vapour massage is considered highly beneficial to treat cold and cough. Massaging vapour on your kid’s chest, throat and back relaxes him. Vapour contains eucalyptus oil, menthol and camphor that help in treating cough and cold. As that vapour massage clears the nasal passage and soothes the kid, it helps in faster recovery.

Give vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts your kid’s immunity. Give your kid oranges, lemons, grapes and grapefruits which are natural vitamin C supplements. It helps your kid recover quicker.

Kids are very sensitive to medicines and these can cause harmful side effects. So it’s always better to treat kids with natural methods. By following the methods given above, you can treat your kid’s cold or flu without medicine.


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