travel diseases and immunization

travel diseases and immunization

Travel Diseases and Immunization - Learn more about travel health including useful medicines, immunization for specific diseases, information about specific diseases in the countries you are travelling to and more

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Travel Diseases and Immunization
  • Altitude Sickness Prevention Tips

    Altitude Sickness Prevention Tips

    While planning trip to mountains one must remember that people living in plains usualy face altitude sickness on heights. so if you are going for skiing, mountain climbing, trekking or any other related activity then it is best to acclimatiseyourself.


  • Travelling with Allergies
  • Water And Food Safety

    Water And Food Safety

    Water and food safety must not be neglected while traveling. Contaminated food and water can cause diarrhea and vomiting thus spoiling the whole traveling experience.

  • Travel Health Warnings for Dengue
  • Take H1N1 Vaccine but take care too

    Take H1N1 Vaccine but take care too

    "While giving the vaccine we tell people that they can get infected up to three weeks after vaccination, as it takes time to develop immunity," says Dr Prasad Kulkarni, additional medical director at SII.

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