Top Winter Fattening Foods

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Feb 04, 2013

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Cheese and ButterA recent survey reveals that most of the people gain an extra pound of weight during winters which is difficult to reduce later. The coldness of the atmosphere compels us to stay indoors within the comfort of blankets and makes it difficult to carry out physical activities. Apart from that food also plays a major role in weight gain during winters. The following are some of the winter fattening foods that should be avoided in order to stay fit:

  • One of the favorite fattening foods in winter is macaroni and cheese. It is prepared from full fat milk and cheese and is often served with fried bread crumbs. All these ingredients make it a high calorie and an extremely fattening food. As it is a much loved food both among children and adults, it cannot be avoided completely, rather it can be prepared in an healthy manner by using fat free milk and it can be served with fresh fruits and vegetables salad.
  • During the freezing weather of winters, nothing seems as soothing as a bowl of hot and streaming soup. Although soup is considered as health food, it can be one of the winter fattening foods when prepared with a large portion of cream or served with fried bread crumbs. Therefore, in order to make it healthy and fat free, add minimum amount of cream to it and also avoid serving it with unhealthy toppings.
  • During the winter, which is also the season of celebrations and parties, cheese cake is one of the favorite among people of all age group. While enjoying the delicious taste of it, they forget that cheese cake is one of the top winter fattening foods. Each slice of this cake contains approximately 420 calories and 31 grams of fat. In order to reduce the intake of calories, you can switch to pudding that has been prepared from whipped cream. It can work as a preferable alternative to cheese cake. 
  • During holidays, most of the people munch on cookies all day long. However, they forget that the calorie count of each cookie is about 200-250 making it one of the most winter fattening foods. In order to avoid the useless intake of calories, people can switch to low calorie digestive biscuits. 
  • Most of the people like to have some fried vegetables as a side dish along with their main course meal. These fried vegetables should be avoided as far as possible. However, you can also switch to baked vegetables rather than the fried ones in order to cut down the consumption of fattening food in winter.

By keeping in mind the above mentioned measures in mind and by choosing healthy foods rather than winter fattening foods, you can surely make a great difference on your health during the entire season.



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