Top 5 relationship pet peeves

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May 19, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Nagging is annoying as well as frustrating.
  • Everyday melodrama can take a toll on the relationship.
  • It is frustrating for a person to live with a partner who lies.
  • Not being able to come to a decision is very annoying.

When it has only been a few days into a happy romantic relationship, it is important to be aware that no relationship is perfect and everything is bound to collapse at some point in time. No matter how much you have in common with your partner and agree with each other, there will always be a time when your partner will do something to annoy you. Here are the top 5 relationship pet peeves knowing which you will be able to salvage your relationship from collapsing.


relationship peeves



To help a relationship survive, one must ensure that he/she communicates well with the partner as communicating helps leave any clogged problems open. Considering that communication also includes complaining, a lot of people tend to believe that it is okay to make it a theme of their verbal expression. Nagging is annoying as well as frustrating and makes people who are being nagged to to think that they just cannot get things right, which eventually leads them to get tired of it.


All of us go through a phase when we get our brat masks on and take the centre stage though it is slightly different with people who want to get all the attention all the time. If such acts of power last for too long in a relationship, the other partner is likely to let it go for better. Besides, it would make the person feel as if he/she is walking on egg shells.



While there is a notorious liar and an egregious one, no one really likes being with an inveterate liar, who just cannot stop lying because he/she is a habitual liar. It is frustrating for a person to live with a partner, who doesn’t stop lying. Not only is being lied to annoying, it just breaks the most important thing in a relationship: trust. A relationship with a partner lying all the time is futile.



Not being able to come to a decision even for the smallest things is very annoying. People in a relationship should be able to communicate and make decisions collectively. It is important for both partners to put their idea about things together and let each other know what they want. It is annoying to let the partner decide everything.

Breaking Promises

Nothing can beat the extent of hurt that a person puts his/her partner to but breaking promises frequently. When you break your promises, you try to signal your partner that you do not care about him/her as much as you should. Avoid making promises that you may not be able to keep.




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