Tips to Prevent Wrist Sprain

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Sep 10, 2012

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Tips to prevent wrist sprain

Wrist sprain is a common injury, which often occurs due to fall on an out-stretched hand (FOOSH). The ligaments get injured due to sudden impact of the hand on the ground and the transmission of body weight to the wrist. Severity of sprain may vary from just stretching and injury to complete tear of the ligament. Here are some tips to prevent wrist sprain:

  • Walk carefully: The risk of falling down and getting injured increases when you walk in wet or slippery surfaces. To prevent wrist sprains due to falls, avoid walking in wet or slippery surfaces. If you go out, wear shoes that have soles to provide good grip on slippery surfaces and be watchful of the surface where you are walking.
  • Wear protective gears: Another common cause of wrist sprains is fall in sports such as skating, skateboarding, and skiing. These sports related injury can be prevented by wearing wrist guard splints or protective tape to support the wrist and prevent it from bending too far backwards. During skiing, make a conscious effort to remember to drop your poles when you fall to prevent wrist sprains.
  • Stay strong: Doing exercises regularly makes you healthy and fit. Do exercises that make your wrist, arm, hand and fingers strong. Your doctor or physiotherapist can advise you regarding exercises that increase the strength and flexibility of your hands.




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