10 tips to overcome depression

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Feb 26, 2018

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Quick Bites

  • Clinical depression derives from a chemical imbalance in the brain and needs proper medical assistance
  • Know if you are suffering from depression and how to overcome it
  • Depression can lead to severe health problems, so one has to be careful

There are two types of depression really. One is clinical, which derives from a chemical imbalance in the brain and needs proper medical assistance; the other is more of a short-term issue. Maybe something in your life isn’t progressing the way you’d like it, you might be feeling run down at work, in your private life or with your general health. This is what this article will be about, so here are 10 tips to help you overcome depression without resorting to a counsellor or looking for chemical boosters.

1. Set Yourself Goals

Set yourself long-term and short-term goals. Write them down on a pad and try your best to achieve each and every one.

2. Sleep

It’s important to get a regular amount of sleep each and every night. If you’re pinching a few hours here and there, it will eventually catch up with you; a tired body and mind contribute to you feeling run down and feeling low

3. Exercise

Depending on your physical capabilities, try to get regularize a training regime. Get fit and feel good about your body. A fit body will promote a fit mind, and this will help to negate any of the feelings which a triggering your depression.

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4. Forgiveness

Try not to hold on to grudges; they’re doing you no good. They fester in your mind and control it. Best to forgive and forget and get on with your life. This is a great way to overcome depression.

5. Gratitude

Compliment your peers and your family wherever you get the chance and see how you feel after doing so. They will most probably grant you a loving smile or a compliment back.

6. Sunlight

There’s a certain disorder called “seasonal depression syndrome” which affects people during the dull and dreary winter days and evenings. So get some sunrays when you can and see if this can prompt you to feel any better.

7. Hydration

Drink lots of water and drink it often. This is really a tip for every disorder, but it cannot be stressed enough. Drink at least three litres of water per day.

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8. Friendships

Try to rekindle old friendships from days gone by, see what your old mates are getting up to. Spend some more time with your current fraternity as well. These are the people who understand you the most.

9. Reading

This is an excellent way of freeing your mind from the daily grind. Bury yourself in some book genres that you enjoy.

10. Keep a journal.

It might help to write down your thoughts and feelings. Get them down on a piece of paper and maybe this will help you make some sense of it all. In future, when you are having difficulty, you can always read back over them and see how you overcame it. Let’s hope these 10 tips to overcome depression can do exactly that!

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