Tips for Improving Lung Cancer Survival

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May 17, 2012

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Would you believe if someone told you that you could raise your chances of surviving lung cancer and that the options didn’t include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy? The truth is that there indeed are things you can do to exchange your odds with health points. Here are those non-medical and natural ways to improve your chances of surviving lung cancer.


Look for Support

The feeling of isolation sure doesn’t feel good and therefore, you should seek the right emotional support to help you through or even come out clean. In fact, several studies have shown that people with good emotional support are more likely to live longer than those without it. If you do not have friends or someone to give you emotional support, you may take the help of a support network where people meet to help those suffering from cancer. Being a part of a support group will not only acquaint you with people but with prospective friends.


Know the Signs of Depression

Several studies have demonstrated the correlation of current physiological changes on health in the future. It was found that people in the advanced stages of lung cancer, who were under acute or mild depression at the time of undergoing chemotherapy, live only half as long as those, who were happy or not depressed. The risk of suicide among depressed people suffering from lung cancer is about two to 10 times higher than the general population. To improve your chances of survival, it is important to know the hairline difference between depression and grief. If at any juncture, you feel that you are depressed, consult your doctor immediately.


Request for a Visit by a Palliative Care Support

Palliative care support is a team of a nurse, physician and a social worker in front of whom you can pull out your spectrum of questions or concerns that you may have with regards to your disease. A study conducted in 2010 discovered that people with lung cancer, who underwent palliative care consultation, survived at least 2.5 months more than those who did not undergo the consultation.


Nurture Spirituality

Although, the medical profession has been hesitant and slow to incorporate spirituality into the realm of healing, it has been believed that an active spiritual life can help one sail smoothly through cancer treatments. Several studies have demonstrated that spirituality helps one improve his/her quality of life.


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