Ways for Skinny Girls to Gain Weight Naturally

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Dec 08, 2011
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  • Weight gain could prove to be a challenge for skinny girls.
  • Weight gain in women has to be a built up on the muscle mass.
  • Weight training is essential for building lean muscles nad toning up your body.
  • Don’t be afraid of indulging in a high calorie meal for weight gain purposes.


Girls are almost always obsessed with weight loss and maintaining a lean body. However, for skinny girls, weight gain could prove to be a challenge as well. The even bigger challenge would be to gain weight naturally. Weight gain in women has to be a built up on the muscle mass. You would need to concentrate on putting on the right kind of weight in the desired areas. No woman would like to gain weight by accumulating ugly lumps of fatty tissues. You would need to increase weight and continue to remain fit at the same time. The best way to put on weight naturally in girls would be to indulge in the right kind of physical training. You need to hire a personal trainer and hit the gym, for successful and desirable results. Diet plans would also have to be devised.


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How to Gain Weight Naturally

Abide by the following tips for ensuring a gain in muscle mass without having to consume dietary supplements and protein shakes.

The first step would be to indulge in weight training. Weight training is essential not only for building lean muscles but also for toning up your body. You need to mix up light and heavy weights and use them alternately. Most women tend to believe that lifting lighter weights would actually hasten the toning up process. This however, is a myth. You need to try with the heaviest weights you are comfortable with. The weight should ideally tire you out by the eighth pump you attempt along with it. However, if you are capable of more, it is time to move to heavier weights. Effective physical training is all about continuing to challenge yourself.


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For comprehensive weight gain you would need to indulge in exercises which make use of compound muscle groups. Workouts which concentrate on single muscle groups aren’t the right ones to indulge in. These would only amount to wastage of time. Spend your time on complex movements instead, for generating the desired impact.

Most women are scared of consuming more than they used to for the fear of growing fat. However, intake of sufficient calories would be extremely important for the muscle building exercise. In case, there isn’t enough calories in the system, the body wouldn’t know where to build the muscles from. In such cases, way too much training will only lead to tiredness and chronic fatigue. Ideally, you should get hold of a nutritionist and have a diet plan charted for you to be able to gain weight naturally. Don’t be afraid of indulging in a high calorie meal for weight gain purposes. The basic idea would be to keep the harmful fats out of your diet. Carbohydrates and proteins would be the essential ingredients your system would need.

If you are suffering from any specific health conditions however, consult your physician before embarking on any fresh diet plan.  The idea is to achieve improved health throughout the process of weight gain.



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