Tips to fight arthritis

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Aug 04, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Arthritis ailments can be divided into three categories.
  • Yoga and meditation can be helpful.
  • Ageing aggravates joint condition.
  • Pawanmukt asanas can give relief.

Joints, and the soft tissues that support are the most vulnerable AND areas of your skeletal frame. They act as shock absorbers for your bones, bearing the brunt of weight and exercise, yet they must also be flexible to allow free movement. As you get older, they tend to wear out and you may start to develop one of the numerous joint conditions generally known as rheumatism or arthritis.

Arthritis treatment

Types of arthritis

These ailments can be divided into three basic groups: those that are strongly stress related, such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis; those that are partly due to the ageing process, such as osteoarthrosis, and generalized joint aches and pains and others such as ankylosing spondylitis (commonly known as bamboo-spine disease).

If you suffer from a strees-linked rheumatic ailment, the three-layered approach of yoga therapy-relaxing your muscles, slowing your breathing, and calming your mind-can bring you great benefits. Rheumatoid arthritis, for example, can respond particularly well to yoga therapy. It is due to an autoimmune conflict that affects both muscles and joints, causing pain, chronic fatigue, and inflammation.

Benefits of yoga and meditation

Here, yoga meditation balances your immune system and stretching exercises release your stiff joints. The cleansing effect of yoga also increases the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs, helping you to reduce your dosage.

In fibromyalgia, the supporting tissues and muscles close to certain joints become tender and ache and this is often followed by uneasy sleep and depression. Early research on the effects of yoga therapy has yielded promising results, but suggests that regular practice over several months is needed to improve this difficult condition appreciably.

Ageing-related joint conditions are also aggravated by stress but are primarily caused by chronic ill use of the joints. Long-term inactivity makes the joints stiff and painful, as in osteoarthritis, and over uses, for example in athletes, strains the joints and makes them wear out more quickly. Yoga can help you by stimulating blood circulation, removing accumulated wastes, and releasing stiffened joints.

Osteoarthrosis mainly affects load-bearing joints, such as the knees, hips, and spine. If you often have knee pains, practice Single-leg Raising , Generalized joint pains, or arthralgias, tend to affect the whole body.

Arthritis treatment

Relaxation and meditation

Here, relaxation, meditation, and gradual, pawanmukt asanas given below is the most effective treatment.

In ankylosing spondylitis, a hereditary inflammatory disease, the vertebrae in the spine fuse together, making it rigid and causing pain. Yogic exercises that flex the spine free these immobile joints and reduce the stiffening. Even if you experience some lumbar pain, you need not avoid forward bending. Do not strain, however, and avoid excessive some lumbar pain, you need not avoid forward bending.

For all types of joint disorder practice these exercises  slowly and cautiously, without straining or overstretching. Never move actively inflamed joints. Try to relax into the Asanas gently and avoid acute pain. Concentrate on the pawanmukta asanas to mobilize stiff joints and cultivate yogic attitudes in everyday life.

Pranayama: Rapid Abdominal Breatbing ie kapalbhati, and anulom vilom and  Meditation.

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  • Gunjan04 Aug 2015

    Yoga is a remedy for eveything. It can treat anything.

  • Surendra Kumar Sharma06 Feb 2012

    Dear Sir, I am suffring from S.I.Joints pain/Spine(cervical pain) Pain before 1 years i have taken many medicines . But i know no any changes in this. MRI shows AVN. Please reply as soon as via mail.

  • manish08 Jan 2012

    i think yoga nd regular exercise special running is a imp element to reduces pain with balance diet.

  • sunita 17 Oct 2011

    hi; i am sunita 25year i am suffering from arthritis since 6 year generaliy have pain in left right hand and it becomes impossile for me to move here and there easile. when i get in the morning. can not stand normaliy . I start limping. As soon as I begin to walk the pain is gone away and I can go anywhere I like

  • Mushtaq Ahmad Ansari14 Oct 2011

    Sir, I have been suffering from knee pains from six months I generally have pain in my left leg and it becomes impossible for me to move here and there easily. When I get in the morning I can not stand normally . I start limping. As soon as I begin to walk the pain is gone away and I can go anywhere I like

  • Mushtaq Ahmad Ansari14 Oct 2011

    Sir, I have been sufferring from knee pains from six months. Some times I am very much unable to walk properly. When I get up in the morning there is a little pain in my left leg. I start limping. As soon as I begin to walk the pain is gone away and it becomes easy to go here and there I needed.

  • yadunandan trivedi13 Oct 2011

    hii, i am (jadunandan trivedi) 44years old suffering from arthritis since last 1year so pls tell me what pranayam is effective for stress in vain. in morning our i fill more difficulties.

  • sahid13 Oct 2011

    dear sir mere ghutno me 3years se bahut dard rah raha hai.

  • shanu10 Oct 2011

    hii,i am shanu(female) 20 years old. I am suffering from arthritis since last years so please tell me how this problem can be solved without any tension and will the affect of this diseased fall on my marriage life?

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