Tips for diapering – Boys and Girls

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Dec 08, 2011

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Changing diapers again and again specially in the initial days seems a complicated business but it takes a little practice and then it’s not a trouble anymore. The most important thing is that one should never leave the baby unattended. As far as the process of diapering is concerned, one must have certain things like, diapers, warm water, diaper ointment, diaper wipes within reach. Here are some handy tips that you should keep in mind when it comes to diapering your baby boy or girl:

  • While wiping, baby wipes should be used to clean the soiled area. It should be kept in mind that cleaning should be done from front to back and not otherwise especially for baby girls otherwise they are at a risk of urinary track infection.
  • For baby boys, a clean diaper or cloth should be placed over the penis while changing because they tend to urinate on being exposed to air.
  • After the wiping is done, one should make sure that the baby is dry and the diaper ointment should be applied afterwards.


Tips for using disposable diapers


  • Open the diaper and put it under the baby boy or girl gently and make sure it’s back is at the level of the bellybutton.
  • The front portion of the diaper, has to be brought up at the level of belly.
  • Adhesive strips then should be brought around and carefully pasted taking care of the skin.


Instruction for cloth diapers


  • Put the baby over the triangular shaped cloth diaper with its longest side behind the back.
  • Front part then has to be brought up at the level of belly.
  • For baby boys, penis should be placed in a downward position before tying it.
  • Other two parts on the sides should also be brought at the front and tied together or use a pin.


What to do in case of a diaper rash


  • Contact the doctor.
  • Change diapers frequently.
  • Use diaper ointment.
  • If possible don’t make the baby wear diaper for some part of the day.


Important things to be kept in mind while diapering baby boys and girls


  • Diaper should not be too tight or too loose
  • If the rashes occur frequently then try changing the brand of the diaper.
  • Wash your hands before and after diapering.
  • It’s advisable to put a layer of petroleum jelly on the bottom of the baby for keeping the baby dry.

Diapering baby boys and girls needs more of common sense than anything else. Your objective should be to monitor that the baby is always dry and comfortable. As a parent you are first and foremost responsible for the diapering needs of your baby boy or girl.  And with the passage of time the need for constant diapering will decrease. It’s important to note that babies follow no schedule and can’t hold. Tips for diapering both baby boys and baby girls are almost same but taking care and following small tips makes the job easier.


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