Tips to Deal with Crying Baby on Airplanes

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Feb 28, 2012

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Tips to Deal with Crying Baby on AirplanesEvery passenger on the plane will get annoyed on hearing loud screams of a baby. Instead of apologising every passenger and being ashamed, parents can remember few things to avoid the embarrassment. Parents need to figure out the way to stop baby from crying. Every baby is different; some can be easily soothed, whereas other needs several tantrums before to get back to normal.

One of the foremost reasons of his cries on a plane is the unfamiliar environment. However, you cannot ignore other reasons like food, comfort/discomfort, warmth and lack of sleep for his crying. Besides fulfilling all these criteria, parents need to keep baby busy on an airplane in order to handle him. Mentioned below are some of the tips that will help you in managing your flight trip with a baby.

Convenient Access to Needed Documents/Things

Preparation and organizing things is most important, which will ease pressure off you. All the documents that you may need frequently must be easily accessed.

Ask for Assistance

You can always ask for assistance of cabin crew staff to help you manage your belongings, or strapping your seat belts. You must ascertain that you and baby are comfortably seated for a smooth flight.

Breastfeeding or Bottle-feeding

Feeding baby during take-off and landing will ease the discomfort of baby, as sucking and swallowing relieves pressure that builds up in ears.


If you are unable to figure out the reason of baby’s discomfort, owing to which the cries have become more and louder, hand over favourite toy for the distraction. In addition to this, make eye-to-eye contact with the baby and talk gently to her.

Keep Calm and Cool

Don’t pay attention to rude remarks of other passengers, which could add to your vows. On the other hand, appreciate passengers who are attempting to amuse your baby so that he/she do not cry.

Trying Other Soothing Ways

Parents need to take complete care of babies. Therefore, parents must pay attention to aspects like checking nappy within the gap of two to three hours and see if replacement is needed. Singing and humming are the effective ways of pleasing a crying baby.


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