Tips to Deal with a Bad Date

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Jun 17, 2011

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Boy and girlIt often happens that people can get stuck in weird situations especially when it comes to dating. Here are some of the dating tips that can help you to deal with a bad date.


  • A Polite 'NO': If the guy you are dating is a total freak then gracefully get out of the date. For instance, you can tell him that you have got an urgent work and need to leave immediately. If he calls and insist to meet up for the second time then you can either avoid him or directly say a ‘no’.
  • Be honest and polite: Be considerate of your date’s feeling and treat him/her in the way you would like to be treated. Don’t give stupid excuses for not being willing enough to meet for a few dates in the near future. Remember that honesty is important for every relationship.
  • Try to enjoy yourself: If the person is not good enough for dating then you can talk to him/her as a good friend but may be only later on.
  • Start giving hints: When you don’t have any intention of dating the person then it is better to give hints. For instance don't bother too much about whether they're doing all their chores on time or if they're doing well in their life.Too much of concern can signal that you're interested in them and would like to take this forward.
  • End your date on a good note: Even if you to stop dating and don’t wish to meet him/her again, it is a good gesture to thank your date while leaving.
  • Watch your commitment: Don’t say that we can be friends unless you are seriously willing to be. It may give a wrong impression to the other person and make him believe that you are looking for a long relationship.
  • Consider the date a learning experience: Even if it’s a bad date treat it seriously and learn from the experience. This experience can help you in deciding on the future dates with other people. This way you can explore your dating preferences and style.


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