Tips to Commute Carefree

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Nov 16, 2011

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Commuting is something that you have to put up with in your daily life. Arguing with the autowallahs, pushing around for space in crowded train or bus, waiting for train or bus and dealing with people who lack the basic civic sense are the common nerve-wracking situation faced during commuting.


Given to the amount of difficulty faced while commuting to and from office, especially if you stay far from your work or job. Holding yourself from lashing out during commuting is quite tough. Whether you travel by train, bike, car, bus or jetpack, here are some of the tips to commute carefree.

  • Have vitamin rich diet. Add orange and grapefruits in your breakfast. Being rich in vitamin C they help your body to regulate stress hormone (named cortisol).
  • Soothing fragrances: Perfumes and fragrances can help you to de-stress while commuting. Some fragrances such as lavender help to fight headaches and migraine pain. 
  • If you are travelling by car then scent your car with scent that comforts you and go well with auto-aroma essential oil diffusers. For instance, you can use lavender or vanillas fragrances.
  • Proper planning is the most important tip for carefree commuting. For instance, if you are consistently running late then start early to keep your mind stress-free.
  • Listen to classic music, when you are on your way. The soothing effect of music is evident from various researches. According to some researches thirty minute music has similar calming effect as of 100 mg of valium. 
  • When you feel stressed out you can use an ancient acupuncture pressure point massage. To do this, you just have to apply pressure on your earlobe by using thumb and index finger. Now, slowly move your ear up and down (for one to two minutes).
  • You can stand and stretch yourself and can even do some neck exercises to relieve stress. In addition, by concentrating on your breathing you can improve your overall health.
  • Start conversation with the passengers sitting near you. You can use commuting as an opportunity to know new people and make new friends.
  • Take a small nap. If you are travelling by car, train or bus then close your eyes to give them the needed break. Studies have shown that even a short nap is very refreshing for the body.
  • Another way to have carefree travel is to engage yourself in the activities you love to do. For instance you can read a novel, solve cross words, puzzle, Sudoku or play game in your cell phone.


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