Tips to Calm Fussy Baby

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Feb 22, 2012

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Fussing in babies is one of the concerns before parents, making them frustrated and restless. Crying is only medium by which babies reveal their expressions, pleasure and displeasure. Some considerations will enable parents figure out difference between pleasure and displeasure cries. The common reasons for fussiness in babies are hunger, dirty diaper, issues with ear and stomach ache. Soothing baby in the most appropriate or healthy manner is of much importance.


Massaging infants is one of the effective ways to soothe them. A massage wherein an oil or baby lotion is rubbed on his back proves effective. Massaging should be done in a specific pattern, prefer clockwise motion when rubbing stomach and outward circles on back. In addition to back and stomach rubbing, arms and legs should also be massaged with.


Swaddling is another way to soothe young ones, which prevents them from startling and make them feel secure. In order to swaddle, you need to lay blanket flat which is folded on the top corner. Thereafter, infant is positioned in the middle of it and is wrapped within the blanket. Swaddling make them feel secure, making them experience warmth like being in the womb.

Try Soothing Motions/Swings

Babies often get bored when restricted to positions they remain in most of the day. Try some moving them in different motions or sing them gently, which help them calm down. However, reaction of every baby is different to motions, like some love being gently rocked forward while others may enjoy bouncing. So, parents must make an attempt to figure out best motion to soothe them.


When fussy, breastfed babies can be nursed to offer them comfort. Moreover, there is no risk of overfeeding attached to it, as nursing babies consume less milk than babies getting fussy out of hunger. In addition to this, offering a pacifier while cuddling with mom or dad also brings comfort for baby. The technique also relieves uncomfortable problems like gas or over-stimulation.

Warm Bath

Idea of warm bath is to make babies feel warmth. Bathing in warm water relaxes them and also brings the sense of security.

Sounds and Tunes

Produce or simulate soothing sounds, which sometimes prove effective to calm down a baby. In some cases, babies also get comforted by hearing musical tunes or soft singing.



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