Tips to Attract the Opposite Sex

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Mar 23, 2013

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Tips to Attract the Opposite Sex

Having problems attracting the opposite sex? Confused about what they might find interesting in you. Here are a few tips to attract the opposite sex. Follow these and soon you will find that you have more dates than you can handle!


  • Be particular about personal hygiene. Check your breath and see that you do not smell bad. Before a date, always take a proper shower and smell good. You need to feel good about yourself before winning your date. Women should head for a pedicure and manicure session before meeting their date.
  • Dress aptly. Never go dressed in casuals unless you are meeting your date at a bar. Spend some time and set your hair and wear the appropriate shoes that go with your dress for the evening. For women, an evening dress and a clutch can work just fine to attract the opposite sex. The key is to look appealing and not vulgar because there’s a thin line of difference between seduction and vulgarilty.
  • During conversations, take a couple of minutes to know what the opposite sex you are talking to likes. Once you know what to talk about, it will be easier for the conversation to flow. But at the same time, accept honestly that such topics do not interest you lest you end up making a fool of yourself.
  • Compliment the opposite sex! The best way to attract the opposite sex is to compliment on their appearance. A woman or a man always spends a decent amount of time in getting dressed and complimenting on the way they carry themselves can sure let the sparks fly. Remember not to exaggerate it.
  • Keep your phone away while talking to the person concerned. Undivided attention often allows the attraction to happen uninterruptedly.
  • Make direct eye contact with the opposite sex. Do  not look around because it might hint that you’re uninterested.
  • Appear confident and not boastful.Confidence is the key!


Apart from that, keep your humour intact and see the sparks fly!


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