Third Eye Chakra Meditation

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Sep 07, 2011

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AyurvedaThird eye chakra meditation is the gateway for wisdom. Third eye is located at the centre of the eyebrows, just above the eyes. It helps in enhancing our psychic ability and also strengthens our extra sensory perceptions. It is associated with indigo colour.

Chakra meditation to open third eye can be practiced through by following these steps.

  • To begin with, sit in a rock pose on your heels and lift your arms at a sixty degree angle. Make sure that your arms are absolutely straight, bending only from the wrist. Point your palms outwards, facing upwards. Sitting in this position for a long period of time, may be difficult for you. Therefore, as an alternative you can also sit with your legs crossed.
  • Focus all your attention towards the third eye chakra, which is towards the centre of the eyebrows. You will be able to feel some sort of pressure building up in the region.
  • While continuing to focus on the same spot, start breathing. You need to inhale and exhale in 16 parts which means that you need to break your breathing in 16 parts. 16 minute sniffs would complete one inhalation and in the same way, 16 sniffs would complete one exhalation. If you find it difficult to break your breathing in 16 parts, begin with 8 parts and increase gradually.
  • Continue this breathing process throughout the meditation. Try to imagine that a silver hammer is tapping the centre of the forehead with every sniff you take. Thus, there would be 16 tapping while you inhale and 16 while you exhale.
  • To begin with you can meditate for 1 minute and gradually increase it for 11 minutes and later to 31 minutes.  

You are advised to practice this meditation everyday preferably at the same time and the same place so that your body gets used to the surroundings. It helps in increasing the concentration.


This meditation is certainly a challenge to carry out and it requires strong will power and determination. However, by practicing it regularly it is greatly beneficial. Here are the advantages of the third eye chakra meditation:

  • Gradually, your third eye chakra will open up and you will start noticing things like never before. This will however take some time and intense practice sessions. You will have an enhanced sixth sense and your perception to details would also get boosted tremendously.
  • It will help you to relax your mind after a stressful day and will reenergise you.
  • It will help in strengthening your will power and concentration.
  • Apart from these spiritual benefits, it also helps in improving your visual system as well as the respiratory system. 

Thus, although difficult to practice, third eye chakra meditation has several benefits. So start practicing it today and increase your spiritual quotient. 


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