10 Things you must Know about Metabolism

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Nov 29, 2011

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Things you must know about metabolismIf you have been trying to lose weight, one of the key aspects to consider would be your metabolic rate. Metabolism is basically the process by virtue of which the body utilises calories obtained from food and converts them into energy. A high metabolic rate facilitates prompt utilization of calories; hence, there are lesser chances of excess calories being accumulated as fat.  Therefore, the higher the metabolic rate, the better it is.


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Apart from the basics, there are 10 things you must know about metabolism that will aid your weight loss process.


A List of 10 Things you must know about Metabolism


This is a list of the 10 things you must know about metabolism to make your weight loss drive a sure shot success.

  1. Remember, the process of metabolism cannot be changed completely; however, it can be altered by managing calorie intake and increasing physical activity.
  2. How do you know if your body metabolises calories fast enough? There is a measuring scale called the BMR or the Basal Metabolic Rate, which has to be calculated. Once you know what your BMR is, your calorific needs can be planned accordingly.
  3. Cutting down your calories drastically will never help you lose weight because the BMR would reduce. For losing weight, you need to eat healthy as per a fixed routine, rest well and maintain an active lifestyle. [Read: How to Speed Up Metabolism]
  4. Concentrating on weight training and gaining muscle mass should be the easiest way to boost the metabolic rate of the body.
  5. Healthy weight loss should also involve at least 6 to 8 hours of restful sleep each day. The lesser your sleep, the more difficult it becomes for the body to regulate the levels of blood sugar. Mounting stress resulting from sleep deprivation can lead to obesity.
  6. Your BMR should typically slow down with age.
  7. Moderate heavy physical exercises should boost your BMR considerably.  Include brisk walks and jogs as part of your daily routine. [Read: Knowing Metabolism for Weight Management]
  8. If you have an underperforming thyroid gland, your metabolism should be even slower. Therefore, thyroid malfunctions, if any, should be addressed first for kick starting the weight loss process.
  9. Caffeine is a stimulant with its own set of negatives. The central nervous system gets affected upon caffeine consumption though caffeine is also responsible for boosting metabolism.
  10. Rather than counting calories, it would always be better to try and maintain a balance between calorie intake and physical activity.


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