Things you can freeze in an ice cube tray

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Apr 22, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Ice cube trays make perfect ice cube.
  • They can be used to freeze other stuff.
  • You can get frozen herbs or iced tea.
  • Also try freezing wine for reuse in kitchen.

Did you know use of those tiny compartments of an ice cube tray is not just limited to making ice cubes. Yes, you read it right. There are plenty of other things such as making miniature desserts, storing herbs etc that can be done using these ice cube trays. Although the trays have been ideally designed to make ice cubes, but don’t you think it would be great to use it for something more than just freezing water? Here are some foods items that are perfectly suited for freezing in an ice cube tray.

Ice cube tray


Garlic or ginger

Grate some garlic or ginger and add some water to form a puree. Now pour the puree in the ice cube tray to freeze. You can later scrape off the frozen and mix it with stir fries, mashed potatoes and soups.


Tea and coffee

No more watery iced coffee or ice tea! You can easily whizz these tea and coffee cubes with milk in blender for an instant slushy coffee or tea. You can thank us later for this trick.


Smoothie squares

Ready to turn that fruit shake into an amazing frosted treat? All you have to do is freeze plain yoghurt or flavoured one in an ice cube tray. You can use these yoghurt chunks in a mixture of frozen fruit and milk.


Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is known to heal tanned skin. You can easily freeze aloe vera pulp in an ice cube tray.Use this gel cube to soothe sun burn and remove tanning.


Milk and buttermilk

How do you use that leftover milk or butter milk? Don’t know what to do with it? Just keep it in an ice cube tray and you can use it whenever you want.



Your ice cube tray can also help you save extra homemade pesto by freezing it into cubes. You can use these frozen cubes into recipes whenever you want.


Lemon juice

Most recipes only require only a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice, so how about having that that portion all ready to go? Besides, frozen lemon juice cube is also a great quick way to flavor water and iced tea. So, what are you waiting for, fill your ice cube tray with lemon juice to freeze.


Fresh herbs in olive oil

Amongst all the aforementioned ways, this one is the best way to use an ice cube tray! As summer is already here, you can stash herbs at the height of their flavors and use them all year round. Just put your herbs in ice cube compartments and pour some olive oil over them and place the tray in the freezer.



If you have a bit of leftover red or white wine that you are not planning to drink, freeze it and use it later in recipes that call for a bit of cooking wine.


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