5 Things that Scare Women about Sex

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May 21, 2013

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5 Things that Scare Women about Sex

Sex is the cornerstone for civilization, literally. In the modern times it has evolved into a more different game, it is no more about just plain intercourse between man and woman. Therefore, there can be some inhibitions on the woman’s side when it comes to sex, because it is about pleasing each other, and people can go to all extremes.

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The majority of the problem can be attributed to men watching pornography and the sort of expectations they have in bed. First and foremost a man must realise that what he sees on screen is what he should shun.

Anal Sex

This is not everybody’s game as it not your regular sex, even though it is becoming common among couples these days. There are many women who do not get aroused with anal stimulation, and so it is best not to venture into unknown areas without knowing and understanding your partner. It is important for the man to understand what type of a girl she is in bed. She may smash the bed side lamp on his head and run for her life.

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Getting Pregnant

This is a major concern for women, especially young people who aren’t ready to get pregnant yet. This concern can be addressed by using contraceptives, especially condoms. Women do not want to pop birth control pills and go for take pregnancy tests every now and then. Therefore, it should be the man’s job to be safe and sure when having sexual intercourse; a man must always wear a condom. Though most men do not like the idea of using one, but this is safer and much better than getting pregnant unknowingly.


Even though author E.L. James have introduced us to the world of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism and Submission) with her 50 Shades trilogy, it has not yet reached the mainstream yet. As you can infer from the title, this goes beyond anything you have ever experienced, and has a lot of do with the psyche of the people performing the acts. Hand cuffs, ropes, sex toys, rough sex, whips, punishments and the likes are not exactly what an average woman would want in bed. There is no doubt that she will be scared, and before long she will be at the other end of the world. There is no need for you to start experimenting so soon, just be on the safer side and take things slow.

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Sex during Periods

There is a possibility that a woman may feel a little weird when having sex during her periods, of course this is a very uncomfortable time and her partner must understand. Then along with these uncomfortable feelings women also tend to feel unsafe to have sex at this time. It can also turn messy and can be a big turn off; hence you are advised to wait for the monthly break to be over before you restart lovemaking.

Lack of Passionate

Women do not like it, and in fact they are scared to find out that there is passion in their lover’s eyes and moves when having sex. Men can at times do without passion when having sex, but women they cannot, and so it is important that a man is passionate about love making. Women associate sex with love and emotions, it is important to them.  

Women are delicate creatures, not everything you see and read is true about them, just make sure that you take the right step. Don’t let her run away!

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