The Younger You Are, The More You Will Yawn: Study

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Mar 15, 2014

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A US-based scientist recently revealed that contagious yawning is more likely to be related to a person’s age than the their level of energy and fatigue.

Youngsters Yawn MoreAfter this recent study, the researchers are now trying to know if the ability of a person to catch yawn by looking at other person yawning is inherited or not. This will help them to discover treatments for various mental disorders.

According to the researchers, people suffering from autism and schizophrenia, are less likely to catch contagious yawning. So, this leads the researchers to study the genes that may cause contagious yawning in order to find treatments of these diseases.

In the study, 328 participants were shown a 3-minute video in which they could see other people yawning. The participants were asked to click a button each time they yawned.

Out of the total participants, 68% yawned. Out of this, 82% were aged under 25, 60% were between 25 and 49 and 41% were over 50.

The lead researcher in the study and assistant professor of medicine at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, Dr Elizabeth Cirulli said ‘this is the first study to look at a whole bunch of factors. It is the largest study, in terms of the number of people involved, to date’.


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Article Source: BBC News

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