The Pros of Weight Loss Surgery

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 24, 2011

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Some reasons that make bariatric surgery a good choice for those who meet the criteria include:


Rapid weight loss: After the surgery you can lose weight quickly and see obvious health improvements. Gastric bypass surgery results in higher weight loss more rapidly than adjustable gastric band surgery.


You do not feel hungry: Most importantly after the surgery you lose weight without feeling hungry. It makes weight loss comfortable and pleasant.


It can be a lifesaver: Besides the weight loss obvious health improvements in weight-related health problem, such as heart diseases, diabetes or high blood pressure are seen.


According to studies

  • Diabetes improves in  86 percent of the people and is resolved in about 77 percent
  • Improvement in blood pressure or hypertension is seen in 79 percent of people after surgery and is resolved in 62 percent of people.
  • Improvement in cholesterol levels is seen in 70 percent of people.
  • Sleep apnea resolves in 86 percent of people after surgery.
  • Women who were not able to conceive because of abnormal menstrual periods may be able to start a family as their cycles become more regular after weight loss

Quality of life improves. Significant weight loss in morbidly obese after surgery can mean that you can enjoy things like playing outside with your kids, comfortably fitting into a seat on an airplane.



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