George's 100 up:Exercise that just might change your running forever

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Jun 21, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • George's 100 up routine is simple and effective.
  • Has two parts, minor and major.
  • Minor part involves slower motion.
  • Major part involves same movements at faster pace

Running is one of the most effective yet the simplest of all exercises an individual can do in order to lose weight or be fit. It is perhaps the most natural and all round exercise a human can do. Running doesn't just help the legs; it makes the whole body work out including the heart. That is why it is also the best natural cardiovascular exercise. Running gives you stamina, strength, flexibility and agility. When done regularly it can give the individual a healthy and fit body that looks in tremendous shape.


Running involves the complete body including legs, arms and shoulders. It can be very good for all these core muscles. However, unfortunately people have forgotten the importance of running and it's benefits. Running can lower the risk of several diseases and conditions including heart problems. It also raises blood levels of the good (HDL) cholesterol which helps to cleanse the arteries of fatty deposits.

The Amazing Exercise

While running doesn't need any support besides your will, however there is one exercise that can change your running for good. The George's 100-Up routine is an old exercise routine that incorporates the running motion without running actually.

The routine was developed to improve the running style, stamina and the endurance. It can be very effective in improving your running skills. However, like any other exercise routine, the 100 up routine is also not a magic trick and will need time to show some positive results. With regular practice the routine can work wonders for your running.


The exercise routine is divided into two parts, the minor part and the major. Both the parts are quite similar but have their own importance. You cannot skip one and expect the same benefit from the other. The minor part is performed first, followed by the major part. Performing the major part before the minor part will not be anything like perform the same routine.

Minor Part

The minor part involves standing with both feet about shoulder width apart. The person must take a running stance and get the arms up in running position. Now raise one knee off the ground up to waist height and bring it back to its original position while making the motion appear like running. Now raise the other knee up to waist height as if you are running. Perform the same movement for 100 times. You will notice your legs, arms and shoulders feel more active and energetic.

running stance

Major Part

The major is similar to the minor part of the routine and involves the same movement but at a much higher speed. Maintain the running stance and perform the same movements with higher speed. You can tilt your body slightly forward to adjust for the fast movements. Raise each knee alternately up to waist height and place it back, while maintaining the fast motion. Perform 100 ups with both the legs just like the minor part.

The 100 repetitions in each part helps build the muscles memory for improved running. However if done improperly, it can reinforce wrong form. Make sure you do it correctly otherwise don't do the routine at all. You can start with smaller goals of 20 reps though. Also make sure that you warm up thoroughly before the routine.


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